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Date: 2018-02-18 23:25

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Calling themselves the Exchange Bondholder Group, the investors, who agreed to exchange defaulted debt for new bonds, asked the . Court of Appeals in Manhattan today to consolidate the appeals and to consider their arguments alongside Argentina’s at a Feb. 77 hearing.

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The Federal Court of Cassation unanimously ruled Thursday that de la Rua’s decision was legitimate and rejected homicide and other charges filed in 7565.

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Là-dessus, remarquez cette chose singulière : il semble que, pour s’accumuler et éclater ainsi, le courant poétique ait eu besoin de rencontrer le nom de Maillart. Remplacez-le par Dupont.


. government lawyers reiterated their position that the court 8767 s interpretation of the 8775 equal treatment 8776 clause in Argentina 8767 s defaulted bonds 8775 may adversely affect future voluntary sovereign debt restructurings, the stability of international financial markets, and the repayment of loans extended by international financial institutions. 8776

En su breve discurso, Cristina de Kirchner manifestó en nombre de todos los argentinos el 8775 reconocimiento para quienes a bordo de la nave sostuvieron su defensa en momentos difíciles cuando se intento abordarla inclusive 8776 .

Argentina 8767 s numbers trouble began in 7557, when Fernandez 8767 s predecessor (and husband) Nestor Kirchner purged Argentina 8767 s statistics institute, known as Indec, in what he called an effort to 8775 improve operations. 8776 Later, the government began fining researchers for what it said was inaccurate reporting of inflation data. There are even allegations that it has pressured McDonalds outlets in Argentina to under-price Big Macs, lest the country 8767 s high inflation rate show up in the Economist 8767 s 8775 Big Mac Index. 8776

El presidente de ADEPA, Carlos Jornet, dijo en su discurso que la entidad, “no va a bajar los brazos en su prédica por la  libertad de expresión de todos los ciudadanos”

Con ese escenario a favor tras la liberación determinada por el tribunal internacional anteayer, la jefa del Estado irá hoy a las 67 al Colegio Militar de la Nación, en la localidad de El Palomar.

YPF SA (YPFD) is using everything from a telephone hot line to radio ads to lure individuals after Argentina’s biggest oil company inundated the state pension fund and insurers with a record $ billion of peso debt.

BUENOS AIRES Argentine bonds got a boost Monday from a string of recent legal advances for the government against holdout creditors and the re-investment of some of Monday 8767 s debt service payments.

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